Thank you for choosing us for your photography projects. If you have any questions about the online galleries and shopping for prints please let us know. Call 646-374-8187, or email support@photosbyge.com. 
Visitors from SAUW, when you log in you will see the galleries from school events. If you haven't registered yet it's a two step process. 
  1. Visit bit.ly/SAUWPhotos2014 and answer a few questions. 
  2. Visit bit.ly/SAUWParent and set up your account on this site. 

After the second step I will need to grant you access to the SAUW galleries. It might take a few hours until I do. When you view the photos you'll see a price associated with downloading them, but when you check out there will be no charge. 

As much as possible I've tagged the photos by their class and year, so you'll have to look at all the photos in a gallery to find photos of your scholars. When you find one you're interested in, add them to a gallery you can create so they'll be easier to find later. Click on the lightbulb icon below the photo and follow the prompts.